ico.adv1  Food & Beverage

You’ll find menu options that we strive to make better than good plus a nice selection of beverages. Whether in the clubhouse or on the patio, it’s a fitting way to gather after spending time with friends, a perfect spot to tally up scores, pay off or collect bets, tell a few jokes, discuss the great and not-so-great shots of the day, and make plans for the next round (drinks or golf).

 ico.adv2 Cart Rentals

We rent the Precedent  ERIC Excel golf cart. The cart has exceptional features and probably the one that’s of the greatest interest is the CaddyMaster cooler. When renting a cart, please be prepared to sign our Cart Rental Liability Agreement and provide the requested information necessary to complete the rental process.

Can We Help?

Our clubhouse is in a small rural lakeside setting surrounded by the heart of a community that contributes and cares. Our style is casual, but we do dress up very well. If there’s a special moment or an occasion that our facility would be the perfect spot for your celebration, please let us know so we can bring the specialty to special.